We’re excited to introduce five distinct tracks for conference attendees to pursue.

Stick with one track, or pick and choose your sessions – the choice is yours.

Essential Leadership

This series of programs is designed for nonprofit CEOs, chief operating officers, and board members. Sessions include:

Leadership & Governance: Essentials for Mission SuccessSpecial Double Session

with Gerry Czarenecki, Founder and Chairman of the National Leadership Institute

Session 1 – Fearless on the Frontline: Leadership Skills Essential for Mission Success:

In this session, we’ll cover:

  • Fearless leadership means taking risks. Are YOU up to it?
  • Most Leaders “do” & “manage” – where you spend your time matters.
  • How Your feelings about your staff impacts them AND you.
  • Athletes rely on adrenaline for peak performance; we’ll identify what drives you!
  • Why what you “do as a leader” matters more than what you’re “good at doing.”

Session 2 – Fearless in the Boardroom: Modern Governance Skills Essential for Mission Success

In this session, we’ll cover:

  • What should you realistically expect from your board?
  • How can you transform your board into less of a liability and more of an asset?
  • Can resilience help you get past a board that gets in your way?
  • Can you fire your worst board member? If not, what can you do?
  • How you can empower your board members as fundraisers & ambassadors?
  • How can you manage your “bosses”?

Financial Resiliency

with Andrea Mills, Principal of FMA

Organizations that are financially resilient have a comprehensive understanding of their financial health and are able to strategically anticipate future needs. Through team-based decision-making processes, financially resilient organizations are able to successfully navigate current challenges as well as maximize opportunities in the long-term. In this session, we will explore the values, resources, and practices that are foundational to financial resilience and discuss how your nonprofit can get there. Topics discussed will include:

      • How a culture of inclusion, transparency, and team-based decision-making process contribute to organizational resilience
      • The importance of multi-year planning, scenario planning, and ongoing financial performance management
      • The critical role a balanced revenue mix and appropriate capital structure play in ensuring financial resilience over time

Sustainable Fundraising

We’re taking a high level look at the latest advances in core components of any comprehensive fundraising program

Corporate Engagement: From Checkbook Philanthropy to Comprehensive Partnerships

with Lynne D. Filderman, Consultant on Corporate Social Responsibility and Glenn Kaufhold, Founder and Principal of GKollaborative and Carole Bowen, Director of Corporate Partnerships, The Arsht Center Foundation and Penny Shaffer, Market President, Florida Blue

Corporate-nonprofit relationships have evolved from ‘checkbook philanthropy’ to fully integrated, outcome-focused strategic partnerships. The corporate conversation today centers on expectations that nonprofits deliver results and demonstrate impact. Corporate social responsibility professional, Lynne Filderman, and fundraising professional Glenn Kaufhold will explore how you can incorporate the latest trends in corporate giving and social responsibility to create mutually beneficial corporate partnerships. They’ll be joined in the conversation by three experts, including Carole Bowen, Senior Director of Development at the Arsht Center, and Penny Shaffer, Market President for Florida Blue.

Money on the Table: Monthly Giving and Middle Donor Programs

Convened by Carlton Ford, Director of Advancement Services and Membership, Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts with Maureen O’Brien, Senior Vice President of Development, New World Symphony and Stefanie Epstein, Director of Advancement, Frost Science Museum and Suzanne Holtermann, Director of Membership, WLRN

New Wealth, New Major Gifts Tactics

Convened by Alexandra Mandado, Vice President of Development, Planned Parenthood, and Mark Cole, Vice President of Advancement and Executive Director of the Miami Dade College Foundation. With Christoper Clinton Conway and Lucy Morillo-Agnetti, President and CEO, LM & Associates

New ideas, new institutions, new money, and new technology are revolutionizing the nonprofit sector. Today, wealth is being created more quickly than at any point in U.S. history. This surge reflects the staggering accumulation of wealth by America’s upper class in a second Gilded Age. The top 1 percent are now worth about $30 trillion…

Quite often they are younger, i.e. millennials and they are not waiting until their fifties to begin their philanthropy. Nor do they give or respond in the ways of the baby boomer generation. New wealth does not respond to the tried and trued methods of the major gifts model we have been successfully using for a generation.

New wealth requires new tactics for each phase of the major gift life cycle. Where do the fearless discover new prospects? How do we cultivate, solicit and steward in our ever-changing world of impact investing, social innovation, the explosion of donor advised funds, technological disruptions and the 24 hour news cycle?

Join global philanthropic counsel and complex major gift expert Christopher Clinton Conway, transformational fundraising leader Lucy Morillo-Agnetti and Miami philanthropist Kristi Jernigan for an engaging conversation on the new tactics of major gift fundraising.


This special track is for social entrepreneurs seeking change, or anyone with an entrepreneurial spark.

Financial Inclusion & Entrepreneurship: Pathways to Prosperity

Convened by Lauren Harper, Founding Director, Social Ventures Partners Miami with Gretchen Beesing, LCSW, CEO, Catalyst Miami and Brent McLauglin, Director of Corporate Partnerships, Branches and Alethia Mendez, Senior Director, Operations & Program Strategy, Grameen America, Inc.

Exponential Impact: Tech for Social Good

Convened by Brian Dooner, Founder & CEO, Colibro Publishing & Media with John Zevgolis, CEO, Aquaharvest; Maxeme Tuchman, CEO and Co-Founder, Caribu and Francisco D’Elia, Co-Founder, Bioverse Labs

The global social and environmental issues that we face sometimes seem insurmountable with our current modes of addressing them. But technology – and compatible business models – are being used today to solve these problems and create impact on a much grander scale, in less time and oftentimes for less money. In this session join us to hear from three social entrepreneurs – in aquaponics, GIS/artificial intelligence and EdTech – who are using technology to create better social and environmental outcomes.

Design Thinking & Solution Design for Social Innovation

With Ezequiel Williams, Founder & Chief Insights Officer, Contexto

All too often social solutions fail, not necessarily for lack of a quality service or product, but because the solution does not meet the needs and desires of the community. Further, social impact organizations have a hard time expressing their true value proposition to funders and other stakeholders. Fortunately, the social sector is beginning to embrace, design thinking, a customer-centric way of developing better solutions that traditional businesses have used to be more innovative and successful. Join us for an interactive session to learn how design thinking can help you design better programs and offerings that meet the needs of those you serve, and those who fund you.

Strategic Engagement

The right engagement with our audiences – collectively and individually – is more important than ever. This track will explore multiple aspects of that engagement.

Branding for Mission

with Mauricio Giammattei and Kevin Kelsick, Principals at Mok2

Time to Shine: Turning Your Story Into Revenue

with Michelle Villalobos, CEO, Mivista Consulting

Have you ever wanted to turn your journey or life’s struggles into a platform for others to learn from – to inspire others? Have you ever desired the world to see you – to know who you are? Have you ever wanted to live a life full of service and contribution to others by simply owning your own voice? In this presentation learn to leverage your personal story to inspire others and move them to action to work with you.

Relentless Relationship Building

with Claudia Welsh, Major Gifts Officer, Legal Services of Greater Miami and Christine Brown

New to the Scene: Fundraising Basics

Our Basics track returns with programming designed to those new to the fundraising profession. We’ll spend the day delving into the key components of fundraising.

Basics of Annual Giving

with Rachel Ramjattan, Founder and Principal of Nonprofit Plus, LLC, Brian Lauterbach, Chief Impact Officer, Network for Good and Jay Anhorn, Chief Operating Officer, Alpha Chi Rho Educational Foundation

Building a steady, dependable revenue stream for your nonprofit requires an annual fund. If you need a rock-solid plan for implementing a donor-centric annual fund program, this workshop is for you.

Learn how Alpha Chi Rho Educational Foundation and Network for Good set right-sized objectives, segmented donors and prospects, developed compelling appeal messages, avoided messages and communications that stifle giving, determined the best channels for appeal delivery, and created clear and direct calls-to-action to set new fundraising records for their organization.

Turning Your Events into Money Makers

with Rachel Ramjattan, Founder and Principal of Nonprofit Plus, LLC, Brian Lauterbach, Chief Impact Officer, Network for Good and Chad Bernstein, CEO, Guitars Over Guns

Are your special events consuming time and producing lackluster results? When you consider staff wages in event costs, are you disappointed with the ROI? Would you like to know how to turn your events into serious moneymakers?

Learn how Miami’s Guitars Over Guns and Network for Good partnered to maximize event ROI by managing costs, attracting more sponsorships, upselling attendees, using mission moments to drive donations, and enticing attendees to become loyal donors.

Basics of Major Gifts

with Rachel Ramjattan, Founder and Principal of Nonprofit Plus, LLC, Brian Lauterbach, Chief Impact Officer, Network for Good

Do you wish you could raise big gifts for your organization but don’t know where to start?

This workshop is for you! Learn the keys to launching a successful major gifts program: how to identify individuals with the capacity to give, how to build and cultivate relationships, how to research prospects, and how to make the big ask. We’ll teach you simple strategies that compel donors to say, “Yes!” and keep them giving.

Say “Yes” and attend this incredible session with Rachel Ramjattan, Founder and Principal of Nonprofit Plus, LLC and Brian Lauterbach, Chief Impact Officer, Network for Good!

Session titles and speakers subject to change.

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Pre-registration is now open

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